flight data recorder / reporter

a clever, flexible cloud based system that integrates workflow, compliance, maintenance and administration
“it’s all about simplicity & productivity”

what is new generation BlackBox?

This software solution was designed and developed by a certified air operator/chief pilot/pilot/certified agricultural operator for their team.
Whilst it started out as a simple ipad app for daily flight recording, it is now a fully-integrated system, uploading the resulting information into a central database.
The information is collated generates invoicing, reporting statistics, productivity, logbook and tech log reporting, along with maintenance control and a customer database are all functions within the database.
Chief pilot, administrators and management can access anywhere, anytime, in the world.

why choose new generation BlackBox?

Firstly, new generation BlackBox will save you time and money.
It is designed to be simple and productive, ensuring cost and time savings for customers, pilots, administrators and engineers.
There is simply no other software available that is so comprehensive.

a fully integrated system
forget the shuffle of paperwork between clients, pilots and administrators. Enter the information
once and your company has instant controlled access to work records, compliance, maintenance
and accounting.


health & safety compliance

  • clients can sight company terms and conditions on the ipad and/or have them emailed whilst pilot and aircraft are on site
  • clients acknowledge terms and conditions by signing on the ipad with their finger
  • maintenance release schedules enable instant viewing of aircraft current status
  • monitor flight and duty limits along with fatigue management

flight recording

  • remote flight logging for pilots
  • one log completed on the job takes care of:
    CAA recording requirements, F and D, aircraft flight time, job costing and invoicing
  • customer liaison and sign off, job activity recording including any notes, photos or
    points of interest
  • written spray/flight plan written, reviewed and signed at one time. This reduces errors
    by having rates and applications agreed to at the time
  • pilots are prompted to ensure that clients understand their legal obligations, including
    neighbour notification, helicopter safety and mountain drop-offs

tech log

  • gives the pilot a preflight snapshot of the aircraft’s current maintenance status and
    ensure aircraft is air worthy
  • gives the maintenance controller and contractor a preflight snapshot of the aircraft’s
    current maintenance status
  • tech log information is accurately recorded and current
  • all relevant maintenance, routine or otherwise, can be viewed between
    inspection intervals

reporting statistics

Productivity and aviation statistical reports are self generated, saving time and money.

maintenance control

at any one time view:

  • the life of components
  • the aircraft status
  • engine inspections


  • one ipad per pilot
  • DFR/MRS/F and D can be completed on the job anywhere, anytime - no need to be online
  • all company pilots access the same information
  • all of the key data pilots require is available at the touch of a finger
  • access to client information, including sales history
  • notes, photos or points of interest can be created and stored on the pilots ipad
  • pilots have the spray/flight plan written, reviewed and signed at one time
  • pilots are prompted to ensure that clients understand their legal obligations regarding neighbour notification, helicopter safety, company terms and conditions and mountain drop-offs
  • one touch syncing which sends information back to base

administrators / invoicing

  • invoices are generated via the pilots daily flight record
  • invoices are able to be modified
  • information is supplied to the office instantly and it is accurate and legible
  • administrators can access the database at the office or remotely if required
  • multiple flight records can be merged into one invoice
  • invoices can be raised at the touch of a button and exported into xero
  • reporting information can be uploaded as either a PDF or excel documents